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About Joz

Joz (Josette) is an artist and teacher who has dedicated her life to connecting children with nature and empowering them to create their own artistic expression.

She studied social sciences and art in France and Canada, and has traveled to all continents.

She received two special recognitions during her career: The Governor General's Award for teaching history and the Academic Palms for her career.

She has now decided to focus her activities on her own artistic production and to share her passion for nature and the people encountered during her travels on all continents, from her studio in Toronto.

End of a long chapter, Another begins: After teaching Nature, paint it.

Forty-seven years of caring for the dreams of the children of others and of mine, A passion to dare always better, always more, even if it was sometimes awkward and naive. Spend a lifetime teaching that all one risks trying is to succeed, that all freedom ends there or that of the other begins, that every human being has a right to a shared fundamental respect.

"Hurry slowly, and without losing heart, twenty times on the loom, put your work back." Nicolas boileau

I did my best. I pass the baton. Now it's my turn. May the party continue!

Painting and promoting nature education

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