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The year 2020 is almost over, and what a year it was!

The confinement gave us time to recall beautiful memories. It was an opportunity to create three new paintings. The first was a souvenir of a walk in a small town in the Andes. This woman moved me by being so alone, sad and resigned to her fate, but she remains an image of dignity. The second was a young and beautiful woman in traditional costume at Hoan Kiem Lake on December 31. Who could have predicted the seriousness of the scourge that would fall upon humanity on this beautiful evening? And finally, I was impressed by the sun piercing through a stormy Leslie Spit-style sky. Walks in nature give us beauty and strength.

I leave you with two images of snow from the past, a young Aboriginal student playing in the snow and the ultimate refuge, "My Cabin in Canada".

I wish you all courage and all the best for 2021

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